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Leaders and team members rave about Akash’s inspirational message and powerful call-to-action.

Attendees loved Akash's keynote presentation. We received extremely positive feedback. His session was insightful, engaging, and truly useful! He really brought the energy to us and we thoroughly enjoyed the program.
Our attendees rated Akash 4.8/5 stars, making him one of the best speakers we’ve ever hired…Energetic, very interactive and exactly what we needed.
Provided real value! Still continue to get positive messages from the conference. People actually changed what they do.
Akash is one of the best professional speakers on the planet today. He is motivating, inspiring, and interactive at the same time.
The most engaging and entertaining session I've probably ever attended. This one gave me by far the best tools and energy to take back to my day-to-day. Dynamic, relevant and directly useful for our business. 
Akash delivered true value to our global team...Relevant insights and tools we can implement immediately in the market!
Akash grabs the audience and keeps them mesmerized— you just want to lean in and listen. More importantly, he makes his audience really feel like they can rise up and be more inspirational leaders themselves.​ 
We hired Akash for our Asia-Pacific, European, and North American conferences and he was a big hit! I would highly recommend his programs - our team could not get enough.
Akash is a very effective, inspiring, and energetic speaker!
Akash is a phenomenal coach! The information I gained in just a few short hours is priceless.
Highly recommend Akash if you are looking for someone to inspire your team to think differently and make an impact talk.
A succinct explanation as to how to actually achieve your goals. Very very useful and makes an awful lot of sense!!!
It's straightforward, no-nonsense, and replete with tips that you can apply after you finish reading the book.
Packed with strategies, this could be just the push you need to add a new habit to your routine, or cut a bad one from your life.

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