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You Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between High-Performance and Wellbeing

In today’s competitive market, employees are forced to do more with less, which often leads to stress, burnout, and churn.

Combating these trends requires a new model for success – a model that’s based on creating a strong workplace culture, where employee wellbeing is the primary driver. 

This program will challenge your team to embrace the power of small habits, strive for achievable improvements, and build personal and professional practices for sustained wellbeing and consistent productivity.

In this program, participants will discover:

  • Science-backed strategies for creating sticky habits
  • How to use micro-habits for faster recovery and higher energy
  • How to balance energy demands with energy renewal
  • Simple habits for sustainable productivity and wellbeing

As a result of this program, attendees will:

  • Experience measurable increases in wellbeing
  • Develop sustainable improvements that compound over time
  • Gain greater focus at work

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