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For the last 10 years, I have been obsessed with one question:

How do we create teams that love what they do, have an agile mindset, and bring out the best in each other?

My aha! moment was one that had been brewing for a long time, but when it struck me, it made everything very clear:

The key to innovation, creativity, resilience – and most of the outcomes that organizations care about – is to create an environment where those things are the natural outcomes. 

Sociologists, psychologists, and economists agree on very few things. But the one thing that they all agree on is that the environment is the most important predictor of behavior. 

The two core beliefs that drive all my work are:

  • Innovation, creativity, and agility are the byproducts of the environment in which teams operate.

    It is the leader’s job to create that environment. My program “Leading for Innovation” shows leaders how to foster the right group dynamics for innovation, creativity, and excellence.

  • You don’t have to choose between high performance and wellbeing.

    Sustainable levels of growth are achieved by creating an environment where wellbeing habits intersect with smart work habits. My program “Winning Through Wellbeing” is perfect for organizations that want to create measurable increases in both wellbeing and team performance.

High performance is a function of the individuals and the environment in which those individuals operate. The most important role a leader has is to create the right environment.

-Akash Karia

Create an Environment Where Innovation, Agility, and Wellbeing Are the Natural Outcomes.

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