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Elevate Your Leadership and Storytelling Skills

Most leaders know the importance of storytelling, but few know how to use it well. 

Storytelling as a leadership tool can motivate teams, inspire change, reshape culture, and drive business results. 

Stories are a leadership superpower.

We help leaders learn how to lead with a story.

From New York to Hong Kong, our leadership communication workshop has participants raving. We’ve helped leaders unlock a superpower they wish they’d learned about sooner.

In short:

Our training works. 

We’ve been doing this for a decade.

And we have the client success to prove it. 

Trusted by Tens of Thousands of Leaders in The World

Outcomes and Objectives

This training program is essentially a leadership communication workshop, with a special emphasis on storytelling skills.

In the session training, we teach executives and senior leaders how to:

Increase the effectiveness and impact of your communication

Inspire action and reduce resistance using strategic stories

Translate strategy into a meaningful story

Integrate Stories into Presentations and Meetings

Make Storytelling a Leadership Habit

Adapt stories to the leadership objective

We work with you to figure out the specific challenges your executive and leadership teams are facing, and then design a storytelling training session that gets you the results you want.

Program Details

Format: In-person or hybrid. Virtual sessions available upon request.

Add Ons: We offer 1:1 storytelling coaching and consultations for leaders

Location: Akash and / his team travel to your offices to deliver this program for your team.

Investment: Contact us for a quotation. We have options for a variety of budgets.

Akash Karia, storytelling trainer for executives and leadership teams

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    Here’s Why Akash is the Right Storytelling and Leadership Expert For Your Team

    Here’s what makes Akash the right storytelling trainer and speaker for teams:

    A decade of storytelling expertise

    For 10+ years, Akash has been studying the art of leadership storytelling. His advice on communication has been featured in the New York Times, VICE, and Forbes. The Harvard MBA program even teaches one of his storytelling frameworks.

    Bestselling author on storytelling

    Akash has written 7 books on storytelling. These have been translated into 6 languages, and sold more than 100,000 copies globally. He is currently working on his next book – his best one yet – on (you guessed it) – how leaders can use storytelling at work.

    Engaging training programs, with the results to prove it.

    Akash is a dynamic keynote speaker who keeps his audience fully engaged. His storytelling training routinely get 4.7+ stars (out of 5.00). Clients who hire him once usually re-hire him to work with more and more of their teams, because his training simply works!

    Coach to high-level executives

    Akash has coached executives at Gucci, senior leaders at Sony, and government leaders at Dubai. He is an experienced trainer who understands the challenges executives and leaders face.

    Let’s Energize Your Team & Supercharge Your Business 

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