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Elevate Your Leadership and Storytelling Skills

Most leaders know the importance of storytelling, but few know how to use it well. 

Storytelling as a leadership tool can motivate teams, inspire change, reshape culture, and drive business results. 

Stories are a leadership superpower.

We help leaders learn how to lead with a story.

From New York to Hong Kong, our leadership communication workshop has participants raving. We’ve helped leaders unlock a superpower they wish they’d learned about sooner.

In short:

Our training works. 

We’ve been doing this for a decade.

And we have the client success to prove it. 

Not Just A Storytelling Training Session, But A Transformative Experience

This isn’t a one-way lecture.

Instead, it’s a highly engaging and interactive EXPERIENCE for your executive and leadership teams. One that involves them co-creating the training session with us. 

It equips your leaders with specific tactics that all leaders need to inspire, motivate, and lead more effectively. 

After the training, your team will walk away with a set of storytelling strategies they can use right away.

The Stats on Leadership and Storytelling

Storytelling can help executives communicate their ideas and vision more effectively.

The research shows that storytelling can increase value, improve recall and increase customer loyalty:

Increase Value

2600% increase in perceived value

Improved Recall

Only 5% of people remember statistics, whereas 63% remember the story.

Increase Loyalty

20% increase in customer loyalty

Bringing in the right storytelling trainer and speaker to work with your executive and leadership team can lead to immediate business benefits.

The Leader’s Storytelling ToolBox

Leadership and storytelling go hand in hand.


Because people are hardwired to listen to stories.

While data and facts appeal to logic, stories tap into the brain’s emotional centers.

They help turn information into insight.

They cut through information overload and grab attention. And they inspire action by imbuing the message with meaning.

Business leaders who are able to harness the power of stories gain a competitive advantage.

leaders around a campfire telling stories at night

An Interactive and Engaging Training Program that Gets Real Results

In our training, leaders won’t just be passive listeners in a lecture.

Instead, they will be active co-creators of the workshop.

They will work in small groups to develop business narratives from scratch.

They will practice their stories in pairs. And they will step on stage to deliver their stories and get coaching from Akash.

In other words: 

This is an interactive program for your leaders.

We’ve delivered this leadership communication workshop in 15 countries, helping leaders enhance their ability to lead with a story.

What Makes Akash the Right Storytelling and Leadership Trainer For Your Group?

Here’s what makes Akash the right storytelling trainer and speaker for your executive and senior leadership teams:

A decade of storytelling expertise

For 10+ years, Akash has been studying the art of leadership storytelling. His advice on communication has been featured in the New York Times, VICE, and Forbes. The Harvard MBA program even teaches one of his storytelling frameworks.

Bestselling author on storytelling

Akash has written 7 books on storytelling. These have been translated into 6 languages, and sold more than 100,000 copies globally. He is currently working on his next book – his best one yet – on (you guessed it) – how leaders can use storytelling at work.

Engaging training programs, with the results to prove it.

Akash is a dynamic keynote speaker who keeps his audience fully engaged. His storytelling training routinely get 4.7+ stars (out of 5.00). Clients who hire him once usually re-hire him to work with more and more of their teams, because his training simply works!

Teaches tools that work in different leadership contexts

Akash’s storytelling methods work in any organization – corporate, non-profit, or government. He has worked with leaders in different industries – from fashion, finance, medical, sports, technology, government, and more. He teaches tools that people can easily adapt to almost any leadership context.

Coach to high-level executives

Akash has coached executives at Gucci, senior leaders at Sony, and government leaders at Dubai. He is an experienced trainer who understands the challenges executives and leaders face.

Storytelling for Leadership

This training program is essentially a leadership communication workshop, with a special emphasis on storytelling skills.

In the session training, we teach executives and senior leaders how to:

Increase the effectiveness and impact of their communication

Inspire action and reduce resistance using strategic stories

Translate strategy into a meaningful story

Integrate Stories into Presentations and Meetings

Make Storytelling a Leadership Habit

Adapt stories to the leadership objective

We work with you to figure out the specific challenges your executive and leadership teams are facing, and then design a storytelling training session that gets you the results you want.

A Speaker
Who Delivers Real Results

Our executive storytelling training is popular in leadership development programs worldwide. Repeat clients include Sony Pictures, FedEx, Bristol Myers, The Government of Dubai, and many more. 

We take the best from every program we deliver and then fully tailor it to your needs.

When we work together, we will take the time to understand your audience, industry, and needs. 

See what leaders are saying about our storytelling training:

Here’s what Clients and Participants Say About Akash’s Training:

Akash is of the best professional speakers and speaking trainers in the world!

Brian Tracy

100% of respondents enthusiastically said they would recommend this program to others.

Maryam Hejazinia
Hong Kong University

I loved how Akash connected with the audience.

Laili Abdullah
Ernst & Young

Key Outcomes: How The Training Will Transform Your Leaders

In the session training, we teach executives and senior leaders how to:

  • Increase the effectiveness and impact of their communication
  • Inspire action and reduce resistance using strategic stories
  • When to tell (and when to avoid telling) a leadership story
  • Translate strategy into a meaningful story
  • Lead with a story

We teach leaders how to integrate storytelling into various aspects of their communication: presentations, meetings, emails, and client conversations. 

Here are some of the areas we cover:

Structuring your leadership story

> Simple and proven structures for organizing your message

> Crafting a clear narrative arc to drive action

> Incorporating conflict and tension into a story

Inspiring change with storytelling

> Communicating your vision and values

> Building a shared sense of purpose with a story

> Reducing resistance to change with storytelling

Adapting stories to the audience

> Putting yourself in your audience’s shoes

> Understanding the questions and objections they would have

> Adapting your stories for different audiences

Delivering your leadership story for maximum impact

> Energy as the key currency of leadership influence

> Using stories in presentations, meetings, emails, and more

> Keeping stories short and concise

Our goal is to make this the best storytelling training for leaders that your audience has ever been a part of! 

And we have the testimonials to prove it. 

Training Session Details and Logistics

Training Length: 1.5 hours – 3 hours

Minimum Audience Size: 15 people

Maximum Audience Size: 100 people

Format: In-person or hybrid. Virtual sessions available upon request.

Add Ons: We offer 1:1 storytelling coaching and consultations for leaders

Location: Global. Akash lives in Hong Kong, and travels globally to deliver this training program. So far, we have delivered this training session to leaders in 15 countries and 4 continents.

Investment: Contact us for a quotation. We have options for a variety of budgets.

Akash Karia, storytelling trainer for executives and leadership teams

Trusted by Tens of Thousands of Leaders in The World

The Key Elements of the Training Program

Here’s are the key elements that underlie our storytelling training for leaders:

Storytelling Assessment

We first understand your audience’s challenges via a short storytelling assessment.

What are their strengths that we can leverage?

What areas would be most beneficial for us to focus on?

This allows us to fully customize the training program for your group.

Practical Tools for Leadership Communication

Over the span of 3 hours, we take your leaders through a highly interactive workshop.

The program dives deep into the structure, science, and application of storytelling.

Interactive Exercises for Story Development

Leaders will work in pairs to create short stories that achieve different leadership goals.

This leads to using storytelling tools right away and increases comfort with using storytelling as a leadership tool.

Refining Through On-The-Spot Coaching

Finally, leaders will step up on stage to share their stories.

They’ll receive on-the-spot coaching from Akash, as well as from their peers.

Previous participants found this exercise extremely valuable. It provided a safe place for them to practice and improve their storytelling abilities.


The result you can expect?

Leaders in this training session will walk away forever transformed.

They will have the storytelling skills they need to make an impact.

But more importantly…

They’ll have experienced, through the activities and story creation challenges, the power of storytelling.

And they’ll see their peers step up on stage, refine their stories and become more powerful communicators in the process.

Let’s Energize Your Team & Supercharge Your Business 

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