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Most Teams Struggle with Communication Inefficiency. We Can Fix That.

Effective collaboration requires efficient, clear communication. But here’s the problem – most corporate presentations:

  • Lack of clear line of logic. While most presenters are smart people, they struggle with transferring the knowledge in their heads into an easy-to-follow presentation. Ever seen a presentation that left you wondering, “How did the speaker arrive at that conclusion? That doesn’t make any sense!”
  • Too much information, and not enough insight. In our data-driven world, presenters forget that information does not equal insight. To be successful, a presenter needs to showcase the relevance and the actionability of the data. Without this, audiences are left wondering, “What should I do with this?”
  • Overwhelming. Thinking about “what’s the core message here?” is difficult, and something most presenters haven’t been taught to do. The result? Presenters end up squeezing everything into their presentation in the hopes that some of it will stick.


In this program, leaders will discover:

  • How to harness the magic of storytelling 
  • The 5-step structure to quickly craft stories that sell
  • Storyboard techniques and how to structure a powerful presentation
  • How to communicate with greater clarity

The program can be customized for a wide range of audiences (leaders, marketers, salespeople, etc.), and can further be niched down into one of two separate tracks:

Track 1: The Science of Storytelling in which audiences discover how to create stories that sell. Audiences will walk away with a deeper understanding of why stories matter, how to use and craft sticky stories, and how to incorporate them at work.

Track 2: Powerful and Persuasive Presentations – for teams who want to dramatically uplevel their presentation skills. This program is best done as a workshop or masterclass (10 – 80 people). 

Please contact us to explore which of these two tracks is best for you. 

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