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Become a better speaker by reverse-engineering the secrets of the world’s best speakers and influencers. 

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author, speaker & chief storyteller


Akash Karia

Akash helps organizations create differentiation with stories, close more sales and increase leadership influence. 

He is an internationally bestselling author whose books have sold over 250,000 copies worlwide and have been translated into Italian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. In his spare time Akash loves lifting big weights at the gym, cuddling kittens and dancing to Taylor Swift.



"Akash delivered true value to our global sales team...relevant insights and tools we can implement immediately in the marketplace!"

Mark ButtermanDirector, InFront Sports & Media

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Stories are hardwired into the human psyche. The nueroscience of storytelling now allows us to peer into the human brain and see how stories literally change people’s brain chemistry. 

The research on storytelling is clear and compelling: Stories build trust, drive sales, create loyalty, increase influence and much more. Let us show you why leaders across the world are raving about our storytelling keynotes and workshops…

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Based on the science of influence, these interactive workshops transform you into a more persuasive speaker. Through a series of case studies, activities and on-the-spot coaching, you will discover how to quickly strucutre, design and deliver persuasive business presentations that are clear, confident and engaging. The final result? A tangible change in the way in the way you present. You will never look at public speaking the same way again.



Would you like to increase your sales conversions? 

How you pitch your products and services could radically change your business results. Our sales conversion programs help you close more sales – quicker. Through interactive keynotes, workshops and coaching sessions, we’ll show you the best practices for pitching your products and services, handling objections and closing the sale.

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