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Akash is a bestselling author and thought leader who helps organizations create differentiation with stories, close more sales and increase leadership influence. He has addressed over 180,000 people on 4 continents, with clients ranging from governments to Fortune 500 companies to startups. His keynotes are a huge hit at conferences, and he is consistently one of the top-rated speakers.

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About Akash

Internationally bestselling author. Over 250,000 books sold worldwide, with translations into Italian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Three-time #1 Most Popular Business & Money Author on Amazon (Kindle).

Top-rated speaker: Spoken to over 180,000 people on 4 continents. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, governments, and small and large organizations.

Featured on Forbes, TEDx, CEO-Training, Capital TV, Fast Company and many more.

In his spare time Akash loves:
lifting big weights at the gym, cuddling kittens and dancing to Taylor Swift.

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

A couple of years ago, I was coaching a salesperson whose job was to sell tooth-friendly candy to supermarkets. When I asked her, "Tell me about the products you sell", I expected a list of facts and figures.

Instead, she told me a story.

She told me about how the founders of her company were two dentists; about how they'd noticed that their kids loved candies, and the candies were beginning to cause tooth decay. So the two founders searched local supermarkets for healthier, friendlier sweets that would reverse tooth decay while still bringing joy to their children.

Faced with limited options, the two dentists decided they owed it to their children to create the company she now worked for.

As she told me this, I could see how deeply the story resonated with her. It gave her job a meaning and purpose. It gave her a sense of mission in a way no mission statement would.

I believe that if leaders learn to tell better stories, employees will feel energized and inspired in the work they do.

What I've discovered after almost a decade of working with companies across the globe is that a story is the single best asset a company can have.

Unfortunately, it's also the least well-developed asset in many organizations.

My purpose is to change that.

Whether you are looking for free resources on harnessing your storytelling advantage, unlocking persuasive presentation patterns or boosting sales...

Whether you're looking for a keynote speaker for your next conference or a workshop leader for your internal training...

I look forwards to connecting with you.

Rave Reviews from Across the Globe

"A perfect session!"
~ Ryan Siba, KHDA, Government of Dubai

"The two days in Akash's workshop have been excellent! Very informative and packed with knowledge...tons of practical, ready to use techniques"
~ Edyta Peszko, Sales and Procurement Manager, Thailand

"Invaluable! Akash delivered an informative session full of humor and encouragement."
~ Samantha Dalton, Consultant, Australia

Looking for Training or a Keynote?

You want a professional with a proven track record:
Akash has spoken at both large and small conferences and companies across the world and is consistently one of the highest rated speakers.

You need an expert who can deliver value:
The author of twelve books, with over 250,000 copies sold worldwide and translated into 4 languages, Akash is an expert and thought leader in his topics.

Your event requires a customized, tailored approach:
Akash conducts in-depth research into your organization. Every speech and workshop is 100% customized, tailored and researched for that particular audience.

Let's face it. You don't want a speaker. You want measurable results:
Akash is a high-energy, humorous speaker who connects with his audiences, but he goes beyond just entertainment. He works with you and your team beforehand to understand your KPIs and challenges, and delivers concrete tools and strategies that will deliver measurable results.

"Akash delivered true value to our global team…relevant insights and tools that we can immediately implement in the market!"

~Mark Butterman, Director, InFront Sports & Media

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