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Public Speaking Training for Elevating Leadership Skills

Confident public speaking is a core component of great leadership.

Great leaders are often great communicators.

They may not be the most charismatic. They may not be the most extroverted.

But they are, nevertheless, effective speakers.

They have the ability to speak clearly, concisely, and confidently.

The great news is that these leadership speaking skills are both teachable. And easily learnable.

Through practice and coaching, we help leaders level up their leadership and public speaking skills.

By unlocking the power of storytelling, powerful presentation, and effective speech, leader’s can build trust, inspire action, and drive change.

The Connection Between Leadership and Speaking

In our leadership speaking training session, we give leaders:

According to the research, public speaking skills can help leaders:

Wasted time

60% of employees think most meetings they attend are pointless.

Increased Stress

42% of employees experience burnout, stress, or fatigue because of communication inefficiencies.

Diminshed Satisfaction

30% of customers report a subpar customer experience arising from communication challenges.

We help leader avoid years of trial and error, and shortcut their leadership speaking success.

Book Leadership A Speaking Training Session That Pays Dividends!

How Can Leadership Speaking Training Elevate Your Business?

For a lot of leaders, speaking is not a natural skill. It’s something many talented leaders struggle with.

As a result, they’re often held back. Their full leadership potential remains hidden because of their communication challenges.

Through an interactive leadership speaking training session, we help each leader find their own unique voice, embrace their personalities, and bring their best selves to presentations, meetings, and daily communication.

The same skills that help you succeed in giving a speech from the stage are the very same skills you’ll employ when leading a meeting, pitching an idea, giving a media interview, or speaking up in a boardroom.

A Custom Public Speaking Training Session for Leaders

Each workshop is tailor-made to focus on the challenges faced by your leaders, but these are some of the areas we’ve covered in previous training sessions:

  • Leadership presence
  • Persuasive message structures
  • Delivery tactics for presentation skills
  • Virtual presentation skills
  • How to own the room
  • Harnessing the power of strategic storytelling
  • Distill complex ideas into memorable messages
  • Answering difficult questions in the Q&A
  • Handle stress and anxiety when speaking
  • Thinking on the spot
  • And much more…

Please contact us here for a free consultation on how we can elevate your team’s leadership and speaking skills.

Choose a Program
Tailored to Your Communication Goals

You can tailor Akash’s communication programs to address different areas. This offers a level of customization delivered only by the world’s top communication speakers.

Here are just a few of the areas covered:

Leadership Presence

Clear Thinking Under Pressure

Audience Engagement

Storyboarding Strategies

Message Structure

Influence Tactics

Got an audience with specific communication challenges?
Combine several areas to create a tailored program!

A Look At Your Leadership Speaking Trainer

A decade as a speaking coach

For over a decade, Akash has coached leaders and executives around the world on how to leverage their presentations, speeches, and meetings as a tool for influence.

In addition to his coaching, Akash is also an experienced keynote speaker:

Communication keynote speaker

Wellbeing keynote speaker

Insurance keynote speaker

Storytelling training for leaders

Trusted by the leaders around the world

Akash has coached the global executive team at Gucci, government members in Dubai, sales leaders in Switzerland, and more.

Akash has also coached leaders at all levels – from highly experienced executives to new managers – and from a variety of industries: investment banking, insurance, sports management, technology, insurance, entertainment, education, government, fashion, and more.

Akash’s work as a CEO speaking coach continues to guide the training sessions he runs for corporate leaders around the world.

An engaging and interactive workshop leader

Clients love Akash’s engaging and interactive workshops. His sessions are incredibly interactive and allow for lots of interaction, questions, debate, and practice.

The Core Leadership Speaking Skills Uncovered

In this speaking and leadership program, we go deep into some of the following topics:

The Vocal IQ of leaders

Your voice is one of your most powerful tools as a leader.

This program will show you how to use it – everything from tone, pace, pausing, energy, volume, vocal variety and more.

Through peer-based activities, video-taping your mock presentations and on-the-spot coaching, you’ll learn how to master your what you say, as well as how you say it.

Leadership presence for presentations

Uncover the science of non-verbal communication.

From hand gestures to how you stand to your facial expressions, they all play a role in how you are perceived as a leader. You’ll learn all the top public speaking tips you need to master the art of presenting as a leader.

Emotional mastery to help you own the room

The ability to calm your nerves, project credibility and really own the stage when you speak are important components of your executive presence.

You’ll discover and practice tactics for “owning the room” with your emotional management.

Using stories for persuasion

Leadership storytelling is both an art and a science.

We show you how to use this powerful tool to influence people.

If you would like to dive deeper into strategic storytelling, you can also check out the “Storytelling for Leaders” workshop.

Related: 7 key storytelling techniques

Persuasive message sequencing and structures

Discover how to make your messages more memorable and persuasive using structure, rhetorical questions, and other public speaking devices.

Tailoring your messaging for different stakeholders

Leaders need to be able to tailor their message to different groups.

You’ll discover how to quickly tailor the content and approach of your speeches and presentations to your audience so that your messages truly resonate with them.

Impromptu public speaking skills

Leaders don’t always have the luxury of preparing for their public speaking appearances.

Learning how to craft, structure, and deliver a message on the fly is something that we teach in this public speaking program for leaders.

The Results
You Can Expect After Training

This leadership and public speaking training program is designed to help leaders level up their speaking skills.

The goal is to help leaders harness the power of persuasive public speaking as a leadership tool to influence, motivate, and inspire. We also cover how to apply these very same strategies to meetings, impromptu speaking occasions, persuading via written word, and more.

By the end of this training session, your leaders will walk away with:

  • Increased speaking confidence
  • Greater leadership and executive presence
  • The ability to clearly articulate their ideas
  • Tools for clear and concise communication
  • Enhanced storytelling skills
  • A custom plan for what each individual leader needs to continue working on

Hear what Lisa Elkin, a former participant in one of our leadership speaking workshops, had to say:

“Akash’s workshops were by far the best workshops I’ve ever attended. He is incredibly engaging, inspirational, and energizing!

He grabs the audience and keeps them mesmerized—there is no impulse to check emails or think about anything else—you just want to lean in and listen.

More importantly, he makes his audience really feel like they can rise up and be more inspirational leaders themselves.

I’ve given some of the best talks of my life on the heels of his workshops and I’m sure that a large part of this was due to the energy and insight I gained from Akash.”

Here what clients are saying about this program:

One of the most useful and entertaining presentation skills workshops I’ve ever attended!

Sony Pictures Entertainment

Immediate improvements in my speaking skills


Tools and tactics that we can implement right away!


Trusted by Tens of Thousands of Leaders in The World

The Process: How The Training Program Works

This public speaking and leadership training program is highly interactive.

It involves a 3-stage process where leaders learn the core speaking and leaderships techniques, apply them by stepping up on stage, and refining them through coaching and feedback:

Step 1: Learn The Skills

  • Using a case study approach, we analyze examples of successful leaders who have mastered the art of public speaking.
  • From Steve Jobs and Sheryl Sandberg to lesser-known leaders, audiences will study the public speaking strategies employed by extraordinary leaders.
  • In doing so, they’ll be challenged to adapt some of the public speaking skills to their own leadership situations

Step 2: Apply With Activities and On-Stage Speaking

  • The only way to get better at speaking is to public speak! That’s why hands-on public speaking practice is a large part of what leaders can expect to do in this workshop.
  • Working in small groups, leaders will craft their own speeches and presentations. They’ll present to each other, video record themselves on their phone, and even get up on stage and present in front of the room.

Refine with on-the-spot coaching

  • Finally, leaders work at improving their craft through peer-based coaching. They’ll work in pairs to help each other improve their skills.
  • Akash will also coach speakers who get up on stage, offering live coaching and feedback.
  • The audience will be able to see for themselves as their peers transform on stage with Akash’s coaching cues and feedback.

Training Session Details at a Glance

In this training session, we use real-world case studies, practical exercises, and group coaching to help leaders level up their speaking skills.

Here are some of the logistical details:

Length: 3 – 5 hours over 1 or 2 days

Audience Size: 5 to 35 leaders

Format: In-person. Hybrid sessions available on request

During the session, we take participants through an interactive workshop.

Depending on the time available, this can be done either over one or two days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is effective leadership speaking?

Effective leadership speaking is NOT about being charismatic.

It’s not about the audience clapping for you and telling you that you are the best speaker in the world.

Instead, it is about using speaking as a medium for influence.

That first starts by eliminating any big public speaking mistakes that may be detracting from your credibility and undermining your message.

Then, once we’ve removed the mistakes, we start layering on public speaking tools that will help you be more persuasive.

Is charisma required to be an effective speaker and leader?

No. This isn’t a training program on how to be charismatic!

This is a leadership speaking program on how to be an EFFECTIVE speaker.

While charisma can help with influence, it is by no means necessary. Leaders can still be outstanding public speakers even if they’re shy and introverted.

This program will not force anyone to change their personality.

But it will challenge them to grow beyond any existing limitations and bring a more powerful and persuasive version of themselves on stage. Charisma is not required!

What is the investment for this training program?

The investment varies depending on the location and audience size. We do, however, have options for a variety of corporate budgets. Please contact us here.

What’s the recommended audience size?

We recommend between 5 to 35 people for this program.

What’s the recommended length? How long will it take?

We have two versions of this program. We have a one-day program, as well as a two-day program. Feel free to get in touch with us to chat about which program would be the best for you.

What about virtual or hybrid sessions?

This program is best run as an in-person session.

However, we have had great success running virtual sessions as well and would be happy to speak to you about this.

Book a free consultation by reaching out to us here.

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