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Small Talk Hacks

The People Skills & Communication Skills You Need to Talk to Anyone and be Instantly Likable

Book Overview

Do you ever feel intimidated or out-of-place in social situations? Do you want to learn how to master the art of small talk and develop a magnetic personality?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this book was designed for you.

Based on Intensive Scientific Research. DISCOVER:

1 — Five Foolproof Techniques for Creating a Stellar First Impression
How quickly do you make judgments about people? We’d like to think that we don’t judge people until we get to know them. But the truth is it only takes a tenth of a second to make an accurate judgment about someone you meet or see.

2 — What Your Non-Verbals are Saying About You
How you hold yourself says a lot about how you feel – even though this may be an unconscious message. What is your body language saying about you? Find out inside…

3 — Seven Tools to Break Through Fear and Break the Ice
One of the hardest parts of getting to know someone new is that crucial moment when you have to break the ice. It can be incredibly difficult to walk up to a total stranger and get acquainted. The seven tools you pick up in Chapter 2 will help you smash through your approach anxiety and start a fun and engaging conversation

4 — Six Strategies to Seal a Memorable Verbal Impression in 30 Seconds
Your nonverbal cues can definitely make an instant first impression, but what you say also has the power to do so. So how do you make sure that you give a great first impression in the first 30 seconds of meeting someone new?

5 — How to Make Your Personality Shine
No matter what your personality, you can become someone with a shining personality that attracts others to it. You may not think of yourself as very charismatic. But don’t let those feelings of inadequacy get in the way of making your personality shine (Chapter 5).

6 — How to Go from Introduction to Intimacy
It can be a challenge to create conversations that have intimacy in just a few minutes. And while you can’t force anyone to like or trust you, you can greatly increase the chances of that happening by following a few simple practices. Chapter 6 will show you how to go from conversing to connecting. BONUS: Learn the 36 questions that are scientifically-proven to help you deepen the connection with anyone!

7 — How to Revive a Dying Conversation – and Keep It Alive
We’ve all had conversations that seemed to start off great, but were followed by the dreaded awkward silence. What you do in that moment can make or break your conversation? Chapter 7 shows you exactly what to do when the conversation seems to be dying prematurely

8 — The Five-Step Method for Ending a Conversation Positively
The purpose of striking up new conversations is to create new connections beyond just that moment. How you end a conversation is as important as how you begin it. You want to leave your new acquaintance with a favorable impression of you going forward. Follow the five-step method in Chapter 9 and you won’t go wrong!

9 — How to Deepen the Relationship with Future Interactions
Making a great impression with someone new is a critical task when you’re networking. But it’s not enough to have an initial contact if you want to create a network of people from which you can truly benefit personally and professionally. Chapter 10 deals with when and how to follow-up to deepen any new relationship

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