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Boost organizational health through employee wellbeing

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Employee Wellbeing. Business Results.

When you create a culture of wellbeing, it impacts all corners of your organization. Increased employee wellbeing translates directly to:

  • Higher engagement
  • Greater capacity to manage stress
  • Lower burnout
  • Increased productivity
  • Increased job satisfaction

Employee retention and improved morale and commitment to your company and mission are also results of a commitment to wellbeing.

Akash Karia Standing

Program Objectives

  • Cultivating habits for greater energy and wellbeing
  • Understanding the importance of micro and macro-recovery habits

  • Making time for wellbeing and self-care

  • Adopting a mindset of continuous self-improvement
  • Building sustainable habits that fit every lifestyle


  • Measurable and sustainable increases in employee wellbeing

  • Reduced burnout and improved morale

  • Increased productivity through better wellbeing habits

  • Increased energy and capacity to deal with stress

  • Greater self-discipline and self-leadership

  • Increased mental, physical and emotional resilience

Client Results


Big 4 accounting firm


Keynote + 6-month follow-up training program

Average program rating.


On a scale of 0 to 10, participants reported:

  • 7.2 points increase in overall wellbeing
  • 7.3 points improvement in mood and happiness
  • 6.5 points increase in productivity

Fuelling High Performance

The research is clear. Employee wellbeing fuels business performance:


A meta-review found that for every dollar spent on wellness programs, the return is $3.27.


For every dollar spent on employee wellbeing, employers save $5.82 in absenteeism costs


In a study conducted by Boston University, employees reported a 21% improved focus, 22% increase in ability to complete tasks and 41% more motivation at work


of employees at organizations that support wellness programs say they are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work

How do you move the needle?

We live in a high-pace world where there are more and more demands being placed on teams.

Many employees work late into the night and find themselves with little or no energy, time or motivation for any wellbeing habits. Self-care is the last thing they have time for.

So, how can you move the needle? How do you create lasting behavioral change? How can you help your employees adopt a high-performance lifestyle that will increase their wellbeing, resilience, and happiness - all while keeping in mind their personal priorities and time constraints?

Common Program Formats


60 - 90-minute opening or closing keynote session ideal for conferences. Akash is an energetic speaker who blends storytelling, case studies, science, and audience interaction to ensure that your conference is a huge success.

Audience members will walk away inspired and armed with practical, actionable tools they can use immediately.


This program can also be delivered as a more in-depth masterclass or breakout.

Ideal for audiences of 30 - 100, these masterclasses can be tailored as one-off sessions or part of a series of ongoing learning and development.

Live Virtual training

Akash’s virtual training sessions bring the same level of energy and excitement as in-person sessions.

Using a combination of polls, chat, and questions, Akash engages your audience and ensures a high engagement throughout the program.

Blended Learning Program

The signature blended learning program starts with a pre-program assessment to measure baseline resilience and stress, followed by an in-person keynote or masterclass.

The journey then continues with live virtual training sessions that are supported by weekly emails, videos, accountability, and individual coaching to create lasting behavioral and mindset changes.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d love to speak with you.

Why work with us?


Akash doesn’t just inspire the audience, he gives them practical tools to create behavioral change. Every talk is designed to help your audience do one key thing differently


You need tools that have been proven to work. All our tools and tactics are backed by rigorous research, and have been implemented in real organizations. We only share things that are proven to work.


You don’t need a monologue. Audiences learn best when they’re involved. Akash keeps all his sessions interactive and engaging using activities, questions and audience interaction. This lends itself to a high energy and entertaining session that also creates behavioral change.

Customized, personalized.

All programs are customized for your needs and your audience.