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Boost Organizational Health

We believe that employee wellbeing is a direct measure of organizational health; that if you can boost wellbeing by even a few percentage points, you can tremendous productivity and financial return on your investment.

All our keynotes, workshops, and training programs are designed to help you achieve tangible, measurable increases in wellbeing, resilience, morale, and organizational health.

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Stories build trust, drive sales, create loyalty, increase influence, and much more.

This program covers:
  • The science of storytelling
  • The 5-step storytelling structure
  • How to use stories to influence and persuade any audience
  • Storytelling case studies
  • How to bring data to life using stories
  • Noticeable differences in the ability of your team to craft and deliver their message
  • Increased confidence among participants

Wellbeing & vitality

The wellbeing of your employees is the wellbeing of your organization. When you boost employee wellbeing, you boost organizational health. The result is increased morale, higher productivity, greater resilience, and lower turnover.

This program will cover:
  • What wellbeing looks like and why it matters
  • How to develop emotional, mental and physical fitness
  • Habits for high performance
  • Interactive exercises to help the audience develop an action plan
  • Create measurable and sustainable increases in employee wellbeing
  • Reduce burnout and improve morale
  • Increased productivity through better wellbeing habits
  • Increase mental, physical and emotional fitness

Resilience & stress

We live in a rapidly changing world, where there are a lot of pressures and demands on employees. How do you help employees harness the right mindsets and habits to achieve sustainable high performance?

This program will cover:
  • Finding purpose and meaning at work
  • Myths about stress
  • Re-framing stress
  • Habits for high performance
  • Challenge-response vs. stress response
  • The power of macro and micro-recovery
  • Create a healthier mindset about managing stress
  • Increased resilience and ability to deal with adversity and change
  • Greater connection to organizational and individual purpose at work

High-performance habits

How do you help employees take ownership of their work, become quality ambassadors, and create work and life habits that will allow them to perform at their peak?

This signature program covers:
  • Adopting a “continuous improvement” mindset
  • Creating emotional, mental and physical habits for high performance and wellbeing
  • Science-backed strategies for creating lifelong habits
  • Focus on continuous improvement
  • Increased motivation and morale
  • Fully engaged and energized employees
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