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Every week, we bring you three of our best tactics to help you become a more powerful, confident, and persuasive communicator.

“Would you agree that…?”

The phrase, “Would you agree that…” starts the persuasion process by getting your audience to agree with you about some indisputable truths. By getting your audience to think “yes”, you condition them to say “yes” further along the presentation. This technique is known as “climbing the yes ladder”. Here’s the research on why and how it works  

“Have you ever…?”

This is a powerful phrase for building commonality and rapport with your listeners. It taps into your audience’s world and creates a bridge between your talk and their life. Other variations of this phrase are:  

“So, how do you solve this?”

The phrase, “So, how do you/we solve this?” smoothly transitions from the problem statement into the solution. But, more importantly, it forces your audience to start thinking. This gets them invested in your presentation, and they’re more likely to pay attention as you now start talking about your service/idea. Example: We stole this phrase from Steve Jobs.